Text 3 Dec 15 notes Rip has feels over E (this is gonna be as serious a post as I can manage)

So I’ve gotten to a point in Clubstuck where I feel comfortable exploring EDM drug culture through Gamzee.

And I realize the specific effects of the chosen drug (e/molly/MDMA) is kinda making it look like I’m getting off my rocks some kind of drug fetish, considering it makes the user touchyfeely, friendly, and from the stuff I read in the hyperreal archives due to jaw clenching and other things sometimes causes the want for major sloppy makeouts and shit.

Now let me say I have seen E abused constantly in bad yaoi and bad yaoi roleplays in which it is depicted as a date-rape drug and just… misrepresented all around. NOW I do guarantee there are some things passed off as E that could be used as a trap, I won’t be fucking naiive here. But E has always had a huge place among the EDM cultures and subcultures of the 90’s for better or worse. I have heard amazing stories of community and terrible stories of the few deaths caused not by E but rather by the stupid misuse of it, I was in middle school when they tried to scare us away from ravedrugs with propaganda and I spent a good deal of highschool researching technopagan rites, the place of drugs in self-exploration and culture.

And then I see it fucking tossed around.

SO MY AIM, you see, is to explore and research for myself as well as maybe educate people through writing. Sure, it’s probably going to cause some sLoPpY aNd MaD hOt FuN (o; buuuuut I’m not trying to do fetish writing in the least.

Just thought I’d get that out there. because dammit EDMers, E is as big a part of your history as the opium wars to China.

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